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There wasn’t any blood but I’ll admit there was a lot of sweat and a few tears… It’s gonna be hard not to enter this race again! I left part of my soul out there!!


This is what I loved most about this event, everyone was doing things they didn’t think possible in the friendliest atmosphere I think I’ve EVER encountered at a race. So whether you did 10K, 30K or 220K it was super-special. Huge thanks to two of running’s friendliest RDs too.


This was mine and the guys second Equinox and was another fantastic event – hats of to Laura and Johnny – the challenge, the camaraderie, the setting, the atmosphere are second to none, a very special event.


We’ve been to a lot of different running events over the years, but Equinox24 was a weekend like no other. What a brilliantly supportive and supporter- friendly event – a real celebration of individual challenge and human endeavour. In a field. With a bar. Genius!


Thank you for a fantastic event last week. I really enjoyed it and glad I choose you for my first solo ultra event. Normally when running I have the voice in my head saying why you doing this you hate running, but last week I never had that voice and loved every minute of it 😀


I had the time of my life at this years event (my first time).  Built up my confidence no end and still buzzing 4 days later.  Thank you so much guys; it’s all down to you, the event, atmosphere you build and everyone else there that supports us all.  Utterly brilliant  xx


What an amazing event Equinox24 was. I’ve never done anything like it before and ran 63 miles further than ever before to reach my goal of 100 miles in under 24 hours. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this.


It doesn’t matter how far you ran jogged or walked we all made it a wonderful experience to share together .I have been called crazy but there are a lot of crazy people at equinox i met a lot of them last weekend .


Thank you for an AMAZING weekend. Still on a high!


Absolutely loved my first time this year in a team so going for solo next year!!!


Another awesome event this year thank you very much!!
Loved every minute!

Well done Laura, Johnny & Co. An absolutely amazing event from start to finish. I’ll be back for sure.


Sincere thanks to the organiser(s) for my first experience of Equinox 24.

As a crew member, I got to see how hard the various volunteers worked, and how enthusiastic and conscientious the marshals were. As a running buddy, I got to see how an immensely experienced Ultra athlete approached running, nutrition, resting, mental resilience, and pace. I learned a lot, and I learned that I can run 55 miles – my most ever without a rest break. Ever.


The team that I ran in (educationfitties) had 3 members who had never even run the 10k distance before. All 3 completed laps in 1hr 15. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen 3 people on such a high and with such a sense of achievement. Maybe this pales in comparison to the achievements of the solo runners, BUT- there are three people right now who think that they can achieve anything (and they can). Thanks to everyone who made this event so amazing.


It was wonderful to meet so many lovely people over the weekend. Thank you so much to all the team runners who had something uplifting to say every lap, and for the amazing support around the field – It was like running with the worlds biggest support crew Special thanks to Johnny Nicol for talking me into ‪#‎onemorelap‬ – I’m really glad you did, I’m so proud of it this morning.


My first attempt at anything longer than a marathon this year, loved the whole event (number 46, 10 laps) and am now thinking about next year’s target, hmm, 100 miles……?
As I am not really an athletic looking runner (check out the photos) I also seem to be convincing other people that if I can enter solo, anyone can do it!